company history

AquaStar launched microfiber in America in the early-90's selling mops and cloths at home shows and fairs on the West Coast. At that time, we couldn't give the stuff away. Flat mopping with microfiber, cleaning without chemicals, environmentally friendly - this was radical stuff!

Once people began to see how convincing our Starfiber microfiber worked in demonstrations, they were hooked. Ever since, we've sold the same amazing products at shows, on TV and the internet.

Since 2006, AquaStar has been manufacturing all of its products in Qingdao, China, appropriately the second cleanest city in China. Our technologies are so popular and effective, they can be found in products from premium brands like Bona®, Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner® and many more.

Look to AquaStar to be on the cutting edge of cleaning technologies wherever quality products are sold.