Greener Clean™

What is a greener clean? We think it starts with a commitment. A commitment to the environment, to the people we make products for and to our employees who make our products. It's our sincere hope that by working towards creating a sustainable product line we will create an evergreen company; one that will last and provide value to the marketplace and the ecosystem together.

Our Greener Clean commitment is built into all our Starfiber products. Whether it is the inherent water-saving properties of microfiber cleaning, the reduction of harmful cleaning chemicals in your house or workplace or adding bio-degradeable additives into the manufacturing of our products to reduce impact on landfills, you can trust we are on the cutting edge of technology to design our way into a more sustainable future.

We manufacture all Starfiber products ourselves, unlike most companies, so we see firsthand the conditions of producing products around the world. We are proud to report our wages are consistently above average in our industry and the working conditions in our factories are a model of manufacturing in China.

We look forward to sharing our new ideas and products, all that meet our Greener Clean standard.